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Punctuate! Theatre is pleased to announce their 2015 season
The Suburban Motel Series 
by George F Walker
6 plays, connected by a single motel room

April 29 - May 11 at C103 

Written by one of Canada’s finest playwrights, these original works are real, gritty, uproariously funny, and heart wrenchingly poignant. Edmonton theatre veteran JEFF PAGE will direct Problem Child and Risk Everything, GEOFFRY EWERT will direct The End of Civilization and Adult Entertainment, and Punctuate!’s own Artistic Director LIZ HOBBS will take on Featuring Loretta and Criminal Genius.

“These plays spotlight recognizable characters in desperate struggles,” says Liz Hobbs, Artistic Director of Punctuate! Theatre. “Their lives have been upended by social, economic and political disadvantage. This motel room could easily be found in Edmonton’s lower-income north end.”

The Suburban Motel Series is Punctuate! Theatre’s largest project to date, and engages over 40 Edmonton artists. The star-studded cast includes Patrick Howarth, Annette Loiselle, Julien Arnold, Troy O'Donnell, Kristine Nutting, Rebecca Starr, Mark Stubbings, Amber Bissonette, Amber Lewis, Gianna Vacirca, Chris Cook, Neil Kuefler, Oscar Derkx, and Punctuate!’s own Elliott James and Andréa Jorawsky.

The Suburban Motel Series runs April 29 – May 11, as nightly double-bills at 7:30pm and 9pm. Punctuate! will also be hosting special Marathon Day events, where patrons can binge watch all six plays! Marathons will run May 2 and May 9 and include a catered dinner from Pasta Pantry and Trattoria.

Tickets are available in advance from Tix on the Square, and will be sold as Singles ($22), Double Bills ($32), Flex Passes ($83.50), and Marathon Passes ($78.50). Student and senior discounts are also available on all tickets.

The Company

Directors Liz Hobbs, Jeff Page, Geoffery Ewert

Assistant Directors Erin Voaklander, Patrick Lundeen, Harley Morison

Set Designer Megan Koshka 

Lighting Designer Alison Yanota

Costume Designers Cheyenne Sykes, Stephanie Bahniuk, Megan Koshka

Sound Designer Brian Bergum

Producer/ Publicist Sheiny Satanove

Associate Producers Gennieve Edwards & Andrea Jorawsky

Production Manager Julie Ferguson

Technical Directors Anne Wenschlag & André-Michel Lavoie

Stage Managers Ashley Carter, Brooklyn Ritchie, Jenn Best

Assistant Stage Manager  Andrea Murphy, Candice Stollery, Jake Blakely

Head of Props Maria Burkinshaw

Carpenters Rhys Martin, Chris Chelich, Michael Machan-Burley

Venue Technician Tyler Ferguson

Neil Kuefler - R.J. - Problem Child & Risk Everything

Gianna Vacirca - Denise - Problem Child & Risk Everything

Elliott James - Phillie - Problem Child & Criminal Genius

Julien Arnold - Donny -  Adult Entertainment & End of Civ

Troy O’Donnell - Max - Adult Entertainment & End of Civ

Chris Cook - Michael - Featuring Loretta & Risk Everything

Rebecca Starr - Helen - Problem Child

Kristine Nutting - Carol - Risk Everything

Annette Loiselle - Jayne - Adult Entertainment, Shirley - Criminal Genius

Amber Lewis - Pam - Adult Entertainment, Lily - End of Civ

Oscar Derkx - Stevie - Criminal Genius, Dave - Featuring Loretta

Amber Bissonnette - Sandy - End of Civ, Loretta - Featuring Loretta

Andréa Jorawsky - Sophie - Featuring Loretta, Amanda - Criminal Genius

Mark Stubbings - Rolly  - Criminal Genius

Patrick Howarth - Henry - End of Civilization


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