Punctuate! Theatre a not-for-profit theatre company and registered charity in Edmonton, AB. 


  • To create work that is visually stimulating, intellectually provocative, and emotionally compelling.
  • To present a high quotient of Canadian work.
  • To provide a creative context for emerging artists to work alongside established artists.
  • To create work that encompasses diverse art forms, forging connections between Canadian artists of different disciplines to progress unity of all art forms.


  • Create accessible, relevant, and subversive theatre that entertains and provokes thought amongst diverse audiences.
  • Provide professional opportunities for local artists.
  • Inspire and develop future and emerging artists.
  • Develop a wide range of audiences.
  • Raise funds to increase our capacity to serve our community through artistic excellence. 

Company Members

Board Members

Miranda Sommerville – President

Glenda Stirling –  Vice President

Elliot Kerr – Treasurer

Ellen Chorley – Secretary

Nick Emter – Member at Large

Heather Mackenzie – Member at Large

Everett Kunitz – Member at Large



  • Bone Wars: The Curse of the Pathological Paleontologists by Matthew MacKenzie


  • This Is War by Hannah Moscovitch


  • The Suburban Motel Series by George F. Walker


  • The Silence Project by Julie Ferguson, Liz Hobbs, Elliott James, Andréa Jorawsky, & Sheiny Satanove
  • Dirt by Ron Chambers
  • Solo Studies: Translations co-produced with Entrelancement Dance (Performance Series)
  • East of Berlin by Hannah Moscovtich co-produced with The East/West Collective


  • A Clown Show Double Bill featuring Sofa So Good by Small Matters Productions & The Lost n' Lost Department by The PIE Factory Collective (Performance Series)
  • s/kin by The Mindhive Collective (Performance Series)
  • This Displace by Ainsley Hillyard & Shatter State by Alison Kause presented by the Good Women Dance Collective (Performance Series)
  • Vice Re-Versa by Andréa Jorawsky, Adam Cope, and Elliott James


  • An Evening with Satan by Elliott James
  • The Juvyline Cubangbang Show by Jake Prins presented by The Blue Sky Theatre Emporium (Performance Series)


  • Judith by Howard Barker
  • Vice Versa by Adam Cope & Elliott James


  • The End of Civilization by George F. Walker

Company History

Punctuate! Theatre was founded in 2010 and incorporated in 2012. The founding members of Punctuate! first collaborated at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. The company’s first few productions varied wildly from Howard Barker and George F. Walker to new clown and buffon shows such as Vice Versa and An Evening with Satan.

In 2012, Punctuate! became the resident company at a garage turned theatre called the TACOS Space. Punctuate! utilized the space as a Fringe BOYOV and as a performance venue for their 2012/2013 Punctuate! Performance series, which featured shows from five emerging performing arts companies from across Alberta.

The 2013/2014 Performance Series featured two co-productions with emerging companies and two pieces produced by Punctuate! Theatre. In 2014, Punctuate! received a Sterling award for Outstanding Independent Production for their co-production of East of Berlin with the East/West Collective.

In 2015, Punctuate! Theatre produced George F. Walker’s entire Suburban Motel Series. The series featured a cast of 14 actors, and a total company of over 45 artists. In 2016, they produced Hannah Moscovitch’s This is War, and in 2017, they created and produced Matthew MacKenzie’s new family friendly dino-musical Bone Wars: The Curse of the Pathological Paleontologists.

Since forming, Punctuate! has suffered losses and experienced much change. In 2013, Punctuate! lost artistic associate and founding member Adam Cope to suicide, in 2015 artistic director and founding member Elizabeth Hobbs stepped down to pursue other projects. Since then, the company has rearranged their structure to eliminate the position of Artistic Director, choosing instead to have a producer led company and to hire directors based on the projects.


Founding Members

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