Punctuate! Theatre is a not-for-profit theatre company and registered charity in Edmonton, AB. 



  • To create work that is visually stimulating, intellectually provocative, and emotionally compelling.
  • To present a high quotient of Canadian work.
  • To provide a creative context for emerging artists to work alongside established artists.
  • To create work that encompasses diverse art forms, forging connections between Canadian artists of different disciplines to progress unity of all art forms.


  • Create accessible, relevant, and subversive theatre that entertains and provokes thought amongst diverse audiences.
  • Provide professional opportunities for local artists.
  • Inspire and develop future and emerging artists.
  • Develop a wide range of audiences.
  • Raise funds to increase our capacity to serve our community through artistic excellence. 


Board Members

Miranda Sommerville – President

Glenda Stirling –  Vice President

Elliot Kerr – Treasurer

Ellen Chorley – Secretary

Nick Emter – Member at Large

Heather Mackenzie – Member at Large

Everett Kunitz – Member at Large

Company Members

 Matt MacKenzie – Artistic Producer

Matt MacKenzie – Artistic Producer

 Gianna Vacirca – Associate Artistic Producer

Gianna Vacirca – Associate Artistic Producer

 Amber Borotsik – Artistic Associate

Amber Borotsik – Artistic Associate