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Prepared by: Lianna Makuch, Outreach Coordinator, Punctuate! Theatre & Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts

Proposed on: 20 November 2017

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Who we are & Why we are

With great excitement, we invite you to participate in a sponsorship opportunity providing an invaluable cultural experience for Indigenous youth in your community.

Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts (AAPA) and Punctuate! Theatre present Minosis Gathers Hope, a play for young audiences by Indigenous playwright Christine Sokaymoh Frederick (Cree/Métis). This ambitious, Indigenous-led multidisciplinary theatre production is a fun and accessible opportunity for youth to creatively engage in Métis and Cree culture.

This project is an exciting collaboration between two award- winning Alberta theatre companies’ with national scope, Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts (AAPA) and Punctuate! Theatre.


Minosis Gathers Hope will be performed for five school audiences at Toronto’s acclaimed live arts-hub & incubator, The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen Street W) from January 10 - 27, 2018.


[Christine Sokaymoh Frederick] is an inspiring artistic leader and an important voice in Edmonton’s cultural community...
— Daryl Cloran, Artistic Director of the Citadel Theatre

Partner with us

Our companies profoundly believe in investing in our country’s youth, and nurturing creativity and culture in students from all backgrounds. Therefore, AAPA and Punctuate! are offering free tickets to students from Indigenous schools and community groups in the GTA.

We are now seeking community partners to simply provide subsidized school bus transfers to and from the theatre, and a nourishing lunch before the production.

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Minosis Gathers Hope

The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen Street W)

January 10 - 27, 2018


Minosis Gathers Hope is about a young Métis girl named Minosis (Cree for kitten), who meets a fairy named Pakoseyimiw (Cree for Hope), and their ensuing adventures to understand the meaning of culture; its mythology and legends. In the piece, Minosis travels the 4 four directions of her grandparents yard in search of medicine wheel-coloured ribbons, thereby sparking the magic of ceremony.

Themes and ideas of this story involve understanding and coping with change, racism, independence and interdependence. With this play, playwright Christine Sokaymoh Frederick wishes to provide a unique way for children to come to terms with the dilemmas of their inner lives: an understanding that is vital for all Canadians whose cultures touch, evolve and interweave.



Our company is thrilled to provide free tickets for students.

However, the cost of transportation is still a barrier for our organization. And providing a nourishing lunch will ensure rumbling bellies won’t get in the way of making the most of their experience at our play!

to the community

With your help, we can provide close to 1000 youth the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the value of culture.
  • Support creative expression.
  • Inspire the next generation Canada’s remarkable Indigenous arts community.

to your team

All sponsors will receive the following recognition, reflecting their level of sponsorship:

  • Lobby recognition.
  • Social Media recognition.
  • Website recognition.
  • Program recognition.
  • Tax Receipt.

In addition to our Theatre for Young Audiences production, AAPA & Punctuate are simultaneously presenting the award-winning Bears by Matthew MacKenzie. Your sponsorship will also reflected in the lobby, website, and program for this production.


& Catering Logistics

Bus Rental:

First Student Bus Services is a leader in safe and reliable student transportation in Toronto. To bring a full audience, (140 people students with chaperones), we require three buses (capacity: 48).

  • $300 + HST per bus.
    • 3 buses per show
      • $900 + HST per show

Pita Pit Catering:

Pita Pit provides healthy, nutritious, and affordable kid-friendly catering services :

  • $8 / 10 pitas + HST & Delivery
    • 150 pitas for 140 students
      • $120 + HST & Delivery
        • $150 per show


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Sponsorship options

We are seeking your partnership to help Indigenous youth in the GTA engage in culture and creativity at Minosis Gathers Hope.

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Red ribbon sponsor: performance hero

$1500 - 5 Available

  • 1 School group
    • 3 buses to and from the theatre
    • 1 full student lunch
    • Administrative Fees

Your contribution will make it possible for a single school to travel to and from the theatre, and provide nourishing lunches before the production.


Blue Ribbon Sponsor: Theatre Maven

$3750 - 2 Available

  • 3 School Groups
    • 3 buses to and from the theatre, for 3 school groups
    • 1 full student lunch, for 3 school groups
    • Administrative Fees 

Your sponsorship will make it possible for over 350 students, over half of our production audiences, to travel to and from the theatre, and provide nourishing lunches before the production.


Gold Ribbon Sponsor: Community Champion

$7500 - 1 Available

  • 5 School Groups -- The entire run of Minosis Gathers Hope
    • 5 buses to and from the theatre, for 5 school groups
    • 1 full student lunch, for 5 school groups
    • Administrative Fees

Your sponsorship will make it possible for all 700 students to travel to and from the theatre, and provide nourishing lunches before the production.

Don't see something you like? Get in touch with Lianna Makuch, our Outreach Coordinator, and we will be happy to find the right fit for your team! 


About the Playwright

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Christine Sokaymoh Frederick

Christine Sokaymoh Frederick is an urban Aboriginal Cree-Métis with thirty-five years of experience in multiple artistic disciplines. She is co-founder and artistic director of Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and producer of the annual Rubaboo Arts Festival (9th annual in Feb 2018) and Executive Director of the Dreamspeakers Film Festival.

She is the first Indigenous Associate Artist of the Citadel Theatre and recent appointee to Vice Chair of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and first Indigenous board member of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. She’s attended the University of Alberta, the Banff Centre for Arts, and the University for Peace (Costa Rica, Indigenous Rights in the Field). She is a former Chair of the Edmonton Arts Council, and has sat as board member of the Dreamspeakers Film Festival and the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance. She served on the committees for the ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ one of the first Indigenous Public Art Parks in the world. She is the recipient of the 2007 Esquao Award in Arts, and the 2016 Mayor's award for Excellence in Artistic Leadership.

Meet The Cast & Crew

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