CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | Collective Artist

Punctuate! Theatre Society is looking to add at least one new artist to our collective. Punctuate! Theatre does not currently have an Artistic Director; therefore, we are looking to fill a leadership role and/or a collective member position. We are not necessarily looking to fill the traditional role of Artistic Director and invite artists of all disciplines under the umbrella of theatre to apply. The right person will get the position. Our aim is to open a dialogue that focuses on the abilities of individuals, tailoring specific strengths to unique roles and responsibilities, and creating a new position that will augment the strength of the collective as a whole. This could be playwrights, actors, directors, technically inclined folks of all walks and denominations. For the leadership role in particular, candidates should be capable of thinking BIG and being able to make it happen, someone with vision and leadership.

We are looking for artists who have incredible vision and an abundance of innovative, trendsetting ideas. Candidates should be able to bring people together to create great work in a variety of contexts including theatre experiences and fundraising settings. Punctuate! is known for making thoughtful artistic choices that are relevant to the Edmonton community. The new team member(s) must be aware of what is being done elsewhere in the industry and be able to strategically plan when to produce the right shows. They must be able to facilitate a season, while recognizing and fostering the abilities and ideas in others. Some background with dramaturgy would be an asset and strong writing skills are a must.

This person should indicate their interest by submitting a letter of intent and résumé to The letter of intent (LOI) must indicate if the applicant is interested in applying for a leadership position OR to join as an artistic associate. The LOI must also give us a sense of why you think you would be a great fit for Punctuate!. Applications will be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis. The process will conclude when the hiring team feels the right individual(s) have been found. Please indicate in the subject line of your emailed application if this is a Leadership or Collective application, and your name.

We value your time and ours, therefore not all applicants will be granted an interview.