[Christine Sokaymoh Frederick] is an inspiring artistic leader and an important voice in Edmonton’s cultural community...
— Daryl Cloran, Artistic Director of the Citadel Theatre

Partner with us

Our companies profoundly believe in investing in our country’s youth, and nurturing creativity and culture in students from all backgrounds. Therefore, our companies are offering free tickets to students from Indigenous schools and community groups in the GTA.

We are now seeking community partners to simply provide subsidized school bus transfers to and from the theatre, and a nourishing lunch before the production.

Minosis Gathers Hope.png


Minosis Gathers Hope is about a young Métis girl named Minosis (Cree for kitten), who meets a fairy named Pakoseyimiw (Cree for Hope), and their ensuing adventures to understand the meaning of culture; its mythology and legends. In the piece, Minosis travels the 4 four directions of her grandparents yard in search of medicine wheel-coloured ribbons, thereby sparking the magic of ceremony.


Themes and ideas of this story involve understanding and coping with change, racism, independence and interdependence. With this play, playwright Christine Sokaymoh Frederick wishes to provide a unique way for children to come to terms with the dilemmas of their inner lives: an understanding that is vital for all Canadians whose cultures touch, evolve and interweave.